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Consistent Track®

All online sample partners should be audited by an independent 3rd party. Buyers of research have strongly embraced our work on panel quality and sample consistency. We operate as auditors, showing corporate clients the level of consistency of panel sample as part of an overall quality assurance program requested by buyers of research. Consistent Track® gives you, your sample provider and your end client, that cutting-edge and reassurance that the data used in a tracking study does not change over time. Consistency is critical to any successful research project.

The steps for becoming a certified sample source by the Sample Source Auditors™ are very simple.


Wave 1 - The Grand Mean: bronze. This certificate is awarded to sample providers whose data meets our quality measures. Click here to see award for Bronze.

Wave 2 - Reliability: We look for stability in the sample.

Wave 3 - Consistent Track®: A silver certificate is awarded to those that prove Consistency over the three waves. Click here to see award for Silver.

We recommend a two month interval between each of the three waves and a wave is usually in the field 5 to 7 days. Each wave consists of 500 interviews using a robust 17 min questionnaire, with demographic quotas (age, income, gender, and in the US only, ethnicity) to simulate the census or key demographics of a specific market. The survey covers various subjects such as: technology, media, participation in market research, buyer behavior, lifestyle and demographics.

A gold certificate is awarded to those sample sources that attain consistency by successfully completing a multi-year consistency program with each follow-up wave conducted six months apart. Click here to see award for Gold.

At the end of each wave, we provide you with a full analysis which includes a written report (Click here to see an example of the report) and an oral presentation of the data. Once Consistency is achieved, we will help you promote it (Click here) . You may also display your certificate(s) (Click here to see Certification Program) on your website and on your promotional materials. You can share these reports with your clients or whomever you'd like and use these reports as marketing materials.

Buying behavior, our most important measure.
Changes in the panel population are measured by the distribution of structural segments. The chart below represents buyer behavior and this segmentation scheme captures the overall effective changes in over 30 variables.


This ''radar'' plot below summarizes changes over time in a multiple wave consistency analysis. Also shown is the expected sampling error. Values greater than the expected error are viewed as potential important issues of inconsistency.

The below panel exhibited inconsistent results in 3 out of 15 examined metrics.

   Sample Source Auditors      Consistent Track®      Certification Program      Real ID®      GM Standard      Optimum Blending Solutions   

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