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Sample Frame Management Solutions
We are proud of the passionate role we have established in the online sample frame arena and the quality metrics we have created for all users of online research. The Sample Source Auditors/Mktg, Inc. are recognized globally and asked to speak at numerous industry events.

It all started with a massive endeavor well known globally as the Grand Mean Project®, where we have studied hundreds of panels around the world. We examine panel consistency from many different angles and certify panels for different levels of consistency and quality.

This inside frame work has empowered us with the ability to manage sample frames. Our diligent work and analysis has documented the rise of professional respondents around the world. We are the ones who have proven that various forms of survey taking hyperactivity change data. We have created behavioral sampling methods that transcend the differences between panels and now we became the sample frame company.

It has taken us a few years to achieve this position and we use our collected knowledge to help panel companies and market research companies obtain actionable answers.

Clients need to know that changes in the data they are seeing are real and not shifts in the underlying sample frame.

Contact us now and let us advise you on the challenges of online quality data and the methods of a proper sample frame.

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