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Real ID®

Are the changes clients see in their data real OR an artifact of the sample frame?

Real ID® provides -----Replicable, probabilistic and consistent sample.

This is how:

1. Micro-behaviorally targeted™ respondents (patent pending) are…….
  ……. Pre-profiled through a rigorous segmentation scheme consisting of 10 different segmentations: Buyer Behavior, Sociographics, Media, Appliance, Banking and Insurance, Automobile, Clothing, Consumer Electronics, Entertainment and Grocery.

2. Digital Fingerprinting, using Crop Duster, to eliminate duplicate computers.

3. Verification of a respondent’s identity and accuracy using outside data bases.

4. QMetrics®, quality index, identifies and eliminates the ‘worst’ respondents and assures that respondents are engaged.

5. Nationally representative sample based on known behavior.

6. Mid-term corrections are made against demographic and behavioral segmentations, drawn from a bank of pre-profiled respondents.

7. Little or no weighting is required.

View the Real ID® process

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