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Crop Duster™

Mktg. Inc.’s digital fingerprinting technology, Crop Duster™, is used by all of our clients and on every online study as an effective quality control tool to ensure high-quality data output. Crop Duster™ assists clients in identifying the computers of survey respondents who inappropriately respond to online surveys multiple times from a single computer.

Crop Duster™ is Mktg, Inc.‘s proprietary technology that gathers a large number of data points from a person’s computer. Crop Duster™ will identify public data points within the browsers installed on the respondents’ computers and then apply a proprietary algorithm to that data so as to create a unique identifier for each such computer. The data gathered is put through sophisticated algorithms to create a unique digital fingerprint of each computer. This does not interfere with the survey taker’s computer in anyway. We identify the IP and geographic location to compare machines against machines.

By creating a digital fingerprint of each computer, Crop Duster™ identifies duplicate respondents who take the same survey more than once from the same machine. Crop Duster™ flags a computer each time it tries to take a survey, so it is able to detect if multiple e-mail accounts are being used to take surveys from a single computer. In addition, Crop Duster™ has the unique ability to identify multiple panel accounts from multiple firms using the same computer. Suspect respondents are flagged in our system and are either allowed, redirected, or completely filtered out at your discretion.

Crop Duster™ integration is a simple customized solution allowing us to work closely with each client to develop configurations exclusive to their platform and procedures.

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