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The Executive Team

Steven H. Gittelman, Ph.D. - President CEO
With a background in statistics, sampling methodology, and thirty years of industry experience, Dr. Gittelman represents the ideal ''standard bearer'' for the company. Steve has a passionate approach to life; he writes historical biographies, has been the president of numerous museums and societies, chases dinosaurs (he has two named after him), and restores antique John Deere tractors. Years ago he was named Socially Conscious Entrepreneur of the Year for Long Island, by Inc. Magazine for his work as President of the internationally known Dinosaur Society. There he created a major traveling exhibit, breaking records almost everywhere on the globe, in cooperation with Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, based on the movie blockbuster Jurassic Park. His efforts translated the power of Hollywood into a wave of funding for dinosaur science. He remains as president of the Vanderbilt Museum on Long Island where he often can be seen driving a model A Ford, dressed in dirty overalls, in his role as ''John the Gardener'' a cantankerous character that is best known for telling stories about how it was when Mr. Vanderbilt lived there.

Elaine Trimarchi - Executive Vice President Email
Elaine has over thirty years of sampling expertise and serves as partner and Executive Vice President of Mktg, Inc. She is the co-founder of its Sample Source Auditors Division and the author of numerous papers on online sampling methodologies. Her papers, both published and unpublished, have provided cutting-edge insights into the impact of professional respondents, consistency of online panels around the world, the differences between online panels, just to name just a few. She is also the originator of the Grand Mean Project®, the largest quality control tracking study around the world, now reaching into thirty five countries and setting the standard for transparency in the panel industry. Her work on blending models, representative sampling through Real ID®, and pioneering work on the blending of social network respondents has distinguished her in all quarters. She is the joint recipient of “Best Presentation Award” at ESOMAR in Berlin, for her inspirational presentation: Online Research… and all that Jazz! The practical adaptation of old tunes to make new music. Her most recent presentation was at the ESRA in Lausanne, Switzerland. She enjoys all sports and participates in woman’s teams for softball, soccer and volleyball, and enjoys skiing and gardening. She is the mother of three children.

Howard Gershowitz - Senior Vice President Email
Howard is a past President of the Marketing Research Association and a recipient of the National Distinguished Service Award for his many years of leadership to the MRA. He served as National Legislative Chair of the Council of Marketing and Opinion Research and sat on the Board of Directors to that Association. Howard was also a founder of the Marketing Research Association Institute which offers a program to teach the basics of marketing through a Distance Learning Program administered by the University of Georgia.

Bob Granger - Director of Online Services Email
Bob has 15 years experience in the science of data collection and a working career dedicated to client service. Bob earned his MBA from Albany State University, where he majored in Finance with a specialty in Market research. PRC Certified

What motivates all of the Mktg. Inc. staff is a sense of community. Mktg. Inc.'s staff has worked together through tight deadlines and sometimes seemingly impossible tasks with a sense of dedication, pride and loyalty. Servicing our clients' needs is our number one priority. You cannot find this level of integrity anywhere else; that is why we are the envy of the industry.


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