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Online Real-Time Reporting

Mktg, Inc. provides an easy to use, in-depth, secure, real-time reporting interface. The report site gives you all the information you need to know about your study including sample stats, quota updates, topline reports, current activity, quality reports as well as having the ability to process data and apply it to PowerPoint for a quick and clean report which you can share with your clients.

We have developed reporting solutions to accommodate the diverse needs of all our clients. We made it simple, so our clients can spend more time analyzing and reporting the key elements of a study instead of spending time processing the data. We can also create customized reports to satisfy all clients’ needs.

The "Advanced Report", as shown below, displays the fundamental stats of a study. It provides counts on all ‘clicks’ within a survey and calculates incidence and average time. You can also look at which ID’s completed the survey, which ID’s terminated the survey and which ID’s are duplicate by clicking on the Crop Duster link. When you click on the "Active Respondents" link, you can see the ID’s that are currently in the survey, what question they are up to and follow them along as they complete the survey.

Monitor all of your ''quota control'' targets with a simple click.

Topline reporting lets you take a quick look at your data.

First, select the questions you want to look at.

...then see your results. It’s that easy!

Cross Tab filters are easy to create.

We understand the importance of having access to your data. The download manager allows you to download your data at any time in the following formats.

Click here to request a demostration of our intuitive Report Site.

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