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Crop Duster™ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of machine fingerprinting?

Crop Duster™ collects over 90 data points from the browser of a respondent's computer using our proprietory algorithm to put in an actionable format.

What software do you install or downloaded on the respondent's computer?

None. Crop Duster™ sifts information but does not require software to be installed or downloaded on the respondent's computer.

Can I bring Crop Duster™ in house?

Of course, the technology can be installed on the front end of your interviewing software.

Does Crop Duster™ work everywhere in the globe?

Yes. It works in all countries.

How is the respondent experience changed?

It is transparent to the respondent. They will not see anything out of the norm.

Will the reporting for Crop Duster™ be in real time?

Absolutely! The reporting site for Crop Duster™ will define the number of duplicate terminates as well as the number of duplicate completes and it will provide data in a very easy to read format.

Will I be able to identify individual respondents without terminating them?

Yes. Crop Duster™ allows you to track and identify these respondents without terminating them.

Will data be available on a respondent by respondent basis?

Yes. Crop Duster™ is quite granular and will allow researchers to view a record of an individual respondent.

Can survey data be attached to a Crop Duster™ file?

Yes. We can match the respondent ID within a survey to the fingerprint created or identified by Crop Duster™. Additional quality control data (such as speeders, logic errors, straight liners, etc) can be appended to the file.

Will Crop Duster™ stop hyperactive respondents from taking surveys?

Yes. Crop Duster™ has the ability to identify a duplicate or hyperactive respondent and stop the offender in his/her tracks. It can stop undesirable respondents before they enter a panel or prior to their beginning a survey. Based on client requirements Crop Duster™ customizes the rules allowing some respondents to complete surveys and others to be deleted

Couldn't I do this with cookies?

Yes and no...cookies can be deleted by respondents. Digital fingerprinting allows you to capture these respondents as well as those that changed panel accounts.

What bugs can we anticipate to eliminate?

Imaging technology does not collect personal information, only machine imprints. A respondent can circumvent the system by using a second machine. We have certainly upped the bar. It seems appropriate to mention here that there are legitimate reasons why multiple respondents might use the same computer, that's why Crop Duster™ allows for selective sifting.

Can I expect confidentiality?

Yes. Your data will only be available to you and will never be shared with anyone else. Mktg. Inc. will never data base or allow anyone else to have access to it.

Is it possible to encrypt my data when we are passing it from one site to the next?

Yes. Crop Duster™ has SSL 128-bit encryption available for greater security.

Where is the redirect URL implemented in Crop Duster™?

At the point where the URL invites are generated.

How tough will it be to implement Crop Duster™?

Not tough at all. Crop Duster™ can be implemented in 1-2 days. It requires simple redirects and does not require any major changes to your survey platform.

Will clients be able to receive the information as to what is stored and what isn't?

Yes. We offer complete transparency and ease of access.

Does Crop Duster™ comply with privacy standards?

Yes. We do not collect any personal information and we limit ourselves to information found only on the browser.

What information does Crop Duster™ analyze?

Crop Duster™ analyzes over 90 data points from the respondent's computer. These data points provide us with an identifier for that computer. Some data point examples are: browser types, browser version, DPI resolution, media players, OS version, encodedJS, just to name a few.

Under what circumstances does Crop Duster™ use cookies?

Rarely if ever. Almost all market research requires the use of Java. In those rare circumstances when Java does not apply, we would use cookies.

What is water marking?

In the vast majority of cases Java Script is used. We are then able to implant a persistent storage tag, highly concealed and difficult to remove. From then on we are assured of 100% identity.

Do I have to buy sample from Mktg, Inc. in order to use Crop Duster™ ?

Heck no! Mktg, Inc. does not have its own panel. We provide solutions for companies to perform online surveys. Crop Duster™ is just that, a solution we hope that everyone will use. While we will provide this service free to our programming and hosting clients we will make it available to anyone who might find it useful. We welcome all sample sources to clean their data with Crop Duster™ is time to get the bugs out!

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