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The Market Research Event (TMRE)
October 2013, Nashville, Tenn.

Presented to Steve Gittelman and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) at The Market Research Event in Nashville, Tennessee. The EXPLOR Award recognizes breakthrough innovation in technology as applied to Market Research. Steve worked in collaboration with the CDC to research how using Facebook likes can predict health outcomes and health behaviors on a local level.

ESOMAR Online Research 2010 Conference Berlin
October 19, 2010

Speakers: Steven Gittelman & Elaine Trimarchi

Using the analogy of Jazz - neatly represented by Gerswhin & Rhapsody in Blue - Steve and Elaine put forward a provocative case for new standards and measures for online quantitative research. Their proposal - for a Grand Mean and a new Paradigm - was wonderfully summarized by the music video (ANIMUSIC) which demonstrated that from dissonance (our current view of online sampling frames) can come harmony and melody...

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MRS Annual Conference
March 22-23, 2011
Session: Online Research
Chair: Martin Oxley
Speakers: Joel Williams (TNS-BMRB), Martin Filz (Research Now), Steven Gittelman (Mktg, Inc.), Phil Garland (Survey Monkey)
What the judges said:
‘A lively, witty, challenging, (at times) infuriating but always genuinely informative session with speakers playing an active role throughout and the chair moderating engagingly and provocatively. A good way to end a conference where the online versus traditional methodologies debate was never far from the surface’


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