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~ 2015 ~
Journal of Advertising Research published article December 2015. Quota Controls in Survey Research by Steven H. Gittelman, Randall K. Thomas, Paul J. Lavrakas and Victor Lange
Journal of Advertising Research published article September 2015. Accounting for Social-Desirability Bias In Survey Sampling by Steven Gittelman, Victor Lange, William A. Cook, Susan M. Frede, Paul J. Lavrakas, Christine Pierce and Randall K. Thomas
~ 2013 ~ article posted on May 20, 2013 by Simon Miller. Could 'likes' plug health knowledge gap?
~ 2012 ~
Quirks published article December 2012. Rules of Engagement. The War against unengaged online respondents.
Quirks published article November 2012. Panel Research.Your Results May Vary. A look at consistency in global non-probabilistic online samples.
Quirks published article April 2012, Transparency in Online Research: The Cure to All Our Ills?
~ 2011 ~
Quirks published article, December 2011: Seeking the Right Blend (Part 1) by Steven Gittelman and Adam Portner
Quirks published article, December 2011: Seeking the Right Blend (Part 2) by Steven Gittelman and Adam Portner
~ 2010 ~
Quirks published article, November 2010: Are hyperactive respondents different? How attrition/conditioning effects impact response bias in online panels
MRA's Alert! Magazine - May 2010: The AAPOR Report on Online Panels: Implications
Vue May 2010 - the magazine of the MRIA: The Perfect Storm: Strong Impacts on Buying Behaviour
Marketing Research - Spring 2010: Growing pains
Research Business Report: Signs of ''lntelligence'' Life
The Researcher's Perspective January 2010: Take Control of Your Global Online Sample
MRA's Alert! Magazine January 2010: The Russians are Coming!
~ 2009 ~
Quirks article published November 2009: The value of consistency auditing of online panels
MRA's Alert! Magazine October 2009: Consistency: the New Quality Concern
MRA's Alert! Magazine September 2009: The Virtues of Consistent Bias: Online Research Must Move On
Panel ''Consistency'': Newly Crowned Metric for Online Research Quality

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